Radio Derb Transcript Up For Jan 13: Will The Immigration Worm Turn?, Geezers Keep Working, The FAA's Installed, Base, And Brunswick 3 News, Etc.
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The Radio Derb Transcript is up for January 13, 2023—go here to read or listen.

02:37  Will the worm turn before the frog boils? (Immigration 2022.)

08:53  Geezer workforce news.  (Retirement? Fugeddaboutit.)

15:07  The FAA’s installed base.  (Pete the dud.)

20:32  Brunswick 3 news.  (Greg, Travis, and Roddy.)

26:47  Black-on-white horrors.  (Three of the worst.)

32:18  Listening for Drake’s Drum.  (Capten, art tha sleepin’ there below?)

40:42  Gal on the Moon.  (NASA’s lame promise.)

42:03  Paul Johnson, RIP.  (More in my Diary.)

43:35  Steven Goldberg, RIP.  (Not your average sociologist.)

45:44  GWAS at 15.  (Onward and upward!)

48:36  Canceling the vocabulary.  (A new party game.)

50:35  Dumbest policy idea of 2023.  (From Britain’s P.M.)

53:20  Signoff.  (With Stonewall Jackson.)

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