Illegals Heard Traitor Joe Loud And Clear: Title 42 Is Ending, Let’s Jump The Border
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The weekly snapshot of illegal-alien apprehensions from Yuma Border Sector Chief Chris Clem shows just how well the Biden’s Regime’s Great Replacement plan is working. Agents encountered as many as 29,000 illegals from October 30 through December 3.

From November 27 through last week, Yuma agents bagged 6,400 illegals from 46 countries.

Here are Clem’s numbers from previous snapshot back to October:

November 20-26: 5,900, 42 countries

November 6-12: 5,700, 31 countries

October 30-November 5: 5,300, 36 countries

Total: 23,300. 

Clem’s feed doesn’t appear to show a snapshot for November 13-19. But looking back through his data, we can assume it will be at least 5,300 or more. Estimating 5,825, the average for the four weeks he reported, brings the total for October 30 through December 3 to 29,125.

Adding an estimated 6,000 for December 4 through today makes the total 35,125.

Last month, agents told the Washington Examiner’s Anna Giaritelli they expect 18,000 apprehensions a day borderwide if Biden lifts Title 42. 

Yuma’s snapshots and the latest two monthly reports from U.S. Customs and Border Protection, offer no reason to doubt that estimate.

September 1 through October 30, agents apprehended 458,225, more than all of fiscal 2020.

But remember, calling this an invasion or the Great Replacement is a supremacist conspiracy theory.

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