Rep. Peter King Smacks Media for Stirring Up Fake Islamophobia
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A few days ago, a disturbed Muslim woman, Jameela Barnette, was shot dead when she attacked a police officer. She had gotten into trouble earlier for threatening Rep. Peter King because of the hearings he presented on the subject of radical Islam and its dangers to American national security.

In the video below, Congressman King chided the liberal media for its sensationalized accusations of “Islamophobia” — a propaganda theme created by the Muslim Brotherhood in an attempt to make murderous jihadists appear to be the victims. A March Rasmussen poll found that 63 percent of voters do not believe that Muslims are treated unfairly in this country.

Mentally deranged individuals, like Barnette, can sometimes be influenced to behave violently by the crazed exaggerations that appear daily in the mainstream media. Calmly criticizing hostile Islam for its supremacist ideology bent on destroying Western freedoms, as King has done, informs Americans about a genuine threat in our midst.

The CNN talking head in the video below was shocked at the Congressman’s criticism of the press, remarking “to lay this at the doorstep of the media. . . many would question that.”

Maybe in CNN’s newsroom.

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