Remembrance Project Aims To Remind Trump That Opposing Illegal Immigration Got Him Elected
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Does Donald Trump remember that immigration was the campaign subject that won him the presidency?  In these days when Obama's wildly unconstitutional Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals [DACA] keeps resurfacing in the policy sewer that is America's immigration arrangements, The Remembrance Project is working to remind Trump of his campaign promises to vanquish illegal immigration: They're gathering signatures for an online petition, TELL PRESIDENT TRUMP:NO DACA, NO DEALS.

Launched by Maria Espinoza  (right) in 2009, The Remembrance Project is a 501-c3 charitable organization that aims "to educate and raise awareness of the tragic and preventable killings of Americans by illegal aliens, and to provide crisis intervention to victims’ families as needed."  They attracted Trump's notice soon after he announced his candidacy, as they pointedly remind him in the text accompanying their petition [scroll down], specifically referring to Tuesday's squalid love-fest on immigration at the White House:

Angel Families are not moved by Senator Dick Durbin’s misplaced sympathies for DACA recipients as having “lives hanging in the balance”. You often spoke of our angel families, our loved ones, real Americans, who have suffered the most, who never receive the same sympathy as illegals.  It appears to the “Stolen Lives” families and everyone who voted for a Trump presidency, that, sadly, these families indeed have been forgotten, and again silenced. Beginning on July 10, 2015 in Los Angeles and through your “Round Table” meeting with our families in June 2017, [you] promised us, our grieving families, that you will stop this epidemic of killings.  DACA amnesty is antithetical to that promise and to that end.

In summary, there must be no DACA deal, you must use your powers as President to force the building of the wall, unequivocally enforce Title 8, Section 1324 of the U.S. Code, mandate universal E-verify, and stop chain migration.  America wants that. America needs that. And America was promised that.

Emphasis in original.

In an email I received from Ms. Espinoza on Thursday, she indicated that she’ll be closing the petition to new signatures sometime today (Friday, January 12), so she can deliver the results to the White House.

Below is the speech [transcript] that Trump gave to the Remembrance Project in September 2016:

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