Remembering Alan Keyes, God, Country, Etc., Etc.
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Two years ago Alan Keyes, the conservative radio talk show host, was imported from Maryland by the nearly defunct Illinois Republican Party  to carry their banner in the race for the U.S. Senate seat that would be vacated by the retiring Peter Fitzgerald after only six years..  They did this because they had absolutely no faith in any of their own homegrown challengers, particularly the "immigrant-bashing" Jim Oberweis.

The leadership of the state GOP figured it could ill afford to be associated with someone brash enough to insist that our immigration laws be enforced. Not that it really matters, but one wonders what the state's GOP gurus are thinking now upon learning that Keyes, who is no stranger to controversy, again finds himself under the federal government's microscope for playing fast and loose with certain financial reporting procedures, "Minuteman consulting charity fined," The Washington Times, Dec. 5, 2006

The Declaration Foundation, a tax-exempt charity created by conservative activist Alan Keyes, who has vigorously supported the Minuteman movement, was fined $6,500 in August and prohibited by the Pennsylvania Bureau of Charitable Organizations from soliciting donations until it becomes "properly registered."

The Aug. 18 "agreement and order," signed by Declaration Foundation Executive Director Mary Parker Lewis, a top Minuteman adviser, acknowledged that the charity made false statements in seeking to solicit donations, failed to properly administer money it had collected, and withheld documents sought as part of an "investigative subpoena."

According to the bureau, the Declaration Foundation failed over a four-year period to submit audited financial statements, gave false information when it said it did not share revenue with other nonprofit or tax-exempt groups, and misstated the truth when it said none of its officers or employees was tied to any vendor providing services or goods.

The bureau said the Declaration Foundation improperly shared revenue with the Declaration Alliance, another tax-exempt charity founded by Mr. Keyes, which also has been active in overseeing the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps (MCDC).

The Declaration Foundation is at the center of an intricate weave of conservative organizations founded by Mr. Keyes or tied to longtime Keyes associates now working with MCDC. They have served as mentors for Mr. (Chris)Simcox and provided consulting and financial services for the groups fundraising and media activities.

But this little run-in with Uncle Sam is just the latest chapter in Keyes flamboyant history:

Mr. Keyes and his supporters have been tagged in the past on suspected violations involving contributions, including a December 2002 finding by the Federal Election Commission that said his 2000 presidential campaign owed the government more than $220,000 for questionable contributions, nonqualified expenses, improperly handled checks and other ineligible expenses.

Illinoisans surely caught a break when Keyes went down in flames before Barack Obamas well-oiled Democratic machine.  On the other hand, had he won, Keyes may just have fit right in with the kind of politics so commonplace these days in the Land of Lincoln.

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