Refugee Resettlement Watch Roundup For Week Ending August 29: Is Your Town Targeted For Somalis?
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Here  are the top three posts from Refugee Resettlement Watch's roundup for August 29.
  1.Somali day care fraud cases piling up in Minnesota

2.  Our still very popular fact sheet, here.

3. Is there a plan to resettle Somali refugees in St. Maries, Idaho? How does one find out?

Ann Corcoran was away for a week, but readership hardly went down, because the issue is so hot, and because her archives are full of important information. She writes
I see my first youtube is over 1.3 million views, and my second one (about the 65,000 Syrians the UN and its operatives want to plant in America) is incorporated into a petition at GoPetition.   To learn more, please visit my earlier post this morning and consider signing it!
Read the whole thing here, and check out the rest of Refugee Resettlement Watch.
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