Refugee Resettlement Watch Roundup: “Changing America By Changing The People”
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Nothing says “changing America by changing the people” like the video Fox News was showing last week of migrants being quietly flown into small airports for the purpose of distributing the illegal aliens (apprehended at our borders) to a town near you!

While we fuss and fume, the Biden Administration is going about its work….

Most of the news I have to share this week involves Biden’s Afghans (they are not refugees) also being parceled out to far-flung locations in most U.S. states.

They are having problems for myriad reasons, but the administration promises more are on the way.  These aren’t the top stories on the subject but the ones that I found the most interesting….

Calling all parents of college-aged children, before you shell out tens of thousands of dollars for a college education, maybe make sure you are not also helping fund refugee families living as residents on campus!

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