Refugee Resettlement Watch Hitting Hard, As Usual: “We Can Survive Terrorism. We Can’t Survive Migration.”
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Ann Corcoran's Refugee Resettlement Watch is going at it very hard, and most of their fascinating blog posts have pictures. The picture above was taken in Finland, and is a Somali family complaining that the Finns won't let them import all their relatives. Possibly someone told the Finns how large Somali families can get.

Here are the last five posts from RRW—you c

Ann Corcoran links to a Phylis Schlafly article about her in WND (The Costly Asylum Racket) and writes
Asked if I really meant that last line:

“We can survive terrorism. We can’t survive migration.”

Yes, I absolutely do mean it!  While we watch the ‘shiny object’—Islamic terrorism—we aren’t paying attention to the Hijra: Modern Day Trojan Horse!
The problem of immigration is much bigger than terrorism or even crime—it's whole communities moving to America and Europe and taking over.
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