Refugee Resettlement Roundup Plus
May 12, 2015, 12:28 PM
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This is from Refugee Resettlement Watch's most recent weekly roundup (you should bookmark RRW, and go there regularly)
Here are the Top Posts of the past week (daily top posts are in the right hand sidebar):

1.  Our fact sheet

2.  Baltimore: Thousands of impoverished refugees poured into city in last ten years; fuel for the fire?

3. Breaking news: Spartanburg, SC targeted to be colonized as next refugee “seed” community

The top ten countries this past week (excluding the US) from which readers arrived at RRW had a couple of surprises.  Two countries worked their way into the top ten that I don’t think have ever been there before—Czech Republic and Malaysia.




Czech Republic

European Union


South Africa




If you're wondering why people in the Czech Republic are interested in the problems of refugee resettlement in the the US, the answer is here: Czechs grapple with Islam and Syria refugees By Rob Cameron, Deutsche Welt, January 16, 2015.

But see also by Ann Corcoran on RRW  these:

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