Refugee Industry: Irresponsible Social Strip Mining In Pennsylvania
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chin        Chin (Burmese) refugees assimilating in Lancaster PA One of’s favorite blogs, Refugee Resettlement Watch, has had an enviable spasm of energy in the last few days and has published half a dozen blood pressure-boosting items—none more so than So what is going on in Lancaster, PA? More refugees than the city can handle?

Some time ago, the State Department went through the motions of calling for input from the public on refugee admissions for 2013. In fact the bureaucrats, as RRW chronicles, made every effort to repress the public response. But RRW has been obtaining and publishing these submissions, as I noted in Documented: Refugees Stressing New Hampshire

This paper from Lancaster is particularly poignant, as it is from a female do-gooder in the community who has finally recoiled from the consequences of the program she initially tried to assist. She wrote:

CWS and Lutheran Social Services have settled at least 2500 refugees (that’s probably a low guess as they refuse to give out totals, but only list how many of one nationality that they have settled in a past year) in Lancaster in the past 3 years without any approval process required from our mayor, our city council or without any consultation with our school board. The city of Lancaster population is approximately 56,000. In the past 2 1/2 years, these two organizations, who have no accountability to voters… have made the population approximately 4% refugee. I help refugees here in Lancaster and I am aware that in the short term, they are a very heavy financial burden on the city. Surely it is reasonable and right for our elected officials to have some say in how many refugees are settled into the city within a certain time period?

( links; RRW emphasis)) She went on


I work with three refugee families in an informal support system through the Unitarian Social Justice committee here in Lancaster... in the short term, they are a great financial burden on the city. Every member of these three refugee families arrived with health issues. Many continue to have serious health issues and use the free clinics for health care, for surgery, for extensive testing, for dental work. Each family has one or more grandparents who are permanently disabled in some way and need financial aid and city services.
This last point is little known but devastating for the economics of immigration flows, as I reported recently in Obama Campaign Celebrates Elderly Immigrants Plundering U.S. Taxpayer The Lancaster lady went on to describe the resettlement support given by the importing agencies, notable Church World Services:
CWS officially works with the families for 3 months but their orientations are neglectfully inadequate… ...CWS is dumping refugees on to the city… taking a payment to settle the refugees and moving on to the next group of refugees who will bring in more money to pay for CWS salaries, office space and fund raising events. This is the impression of many compassionate, frustrated people here in Lancaster, who are then accused of being part of a racist or anti-immigration backlash.
She calls for local control of these invasions. has long reported on the financially-motivated abuses of the Refugee Industry. For environmental irresponsibility, it is the match of unregulated strip mining.


The refugee law that created this abomination needs to be repealed.

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