A Canadian Reader Writes A Book About Immigration
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A reader in Toronto, Canada, Bruce J. Wellington (contact him ) has written a book featuring immigration. Wellington is an economist who specializes in the impact of immigration on employment.

Wellington writes:

My book is 90 percent is about the reaction of people to the economic duress we are experiencing. The other 10 percent is about the economics of immigration. How the people react to immigration is the book’s central theme.

As an economist I have worked out the financial impact of immigration better than the professionals. My findings have generated a controversy in Canada.

The plot focuses on how a grass roots resistance to immigration and how mass immigration negatively impacts the social and economic progress of the country. This is familiar territory for VDARE.COM readers and applies as well to Americans as Canadians.

The working title is ”Quiet Revolt” and portions of it can be read here:
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