Reconquista DJ Eddie "Piolin" Sotelo Not Only Accused Of Sexual Harassment, But Of Falsifying Letters In Support Of Amnesty
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From the KTLA website:

LOS ANGELES — Spanish-language radio personality Eddie “Piolin” Sotelo’s mysterious departure from the airwaves last week came after a performer on his nationally syndicated program accused him of sexual harassment, according to documents obtained by The Times.

Alberto “Beto” Cortez, a writer, producer and performer on the popular “Piolin por la Manana” radio program, alleged that his boss Sotelo was “physically, sexually and emotionally harassing” him for a three-year period ending last January. The claim was made in an April 16 letter from Cortez attorney Robert R. Clayton to executives Roberto Llamas and Jose Valle of Univision Communications Inc., which broadcast and syndicated the show.

In addition to the claim of sexual harassment, Cortez alleged that Sotelo ordered members of his radio production team to falsify letters in support of a high-profile campaign for congressional immigration reform, an issue that Sotelo championed on his program.[Emphasis added]

El Piolin (the nickname means "Tweety Bird" in Mexican Spanish) has supporting amnesty for years, and we've got a lot of material on him. Last year, Brenda Walker wrote

When thousands of illegal aliens show up for May Day marches demanding amnesty, part of the organizing comes from Spanish radio and TV which urge unlawful foreigners to complain en masse. In Los Angeles, local Mexican radio guy Piolin is credited with turning out huge crowds of amnesty pests.

Piolin is reported to have "entered the US illegally on a forged green card," in 1986 and presumably was amnestied as a result of IRCA.

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