Realism From The Trenches In Los Angeles
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There's some notably pithy analysis at the blog of Los Angeles lawyer (and former and current mayoral candidate) Walter Moore that deserves wider circulation:

"[W]e are in a new kind war that most of us don't even know is underway. It is the most innovative and successful war ever waged in history. And we're losing it, badly.

"I'm not talking about the war with Islamic terrorists.

"I'm talking about the war with Mexico.

"On September 3, 2007, Mexico's President stated, 'I have said that Mexico does not stop at its border, that wherever there is a Mexican, there is Mexico.'

"Mexico's strategy is brilliant. Mexico is effectively taking control of our territory simply by having its citizens walk across our undefended border. Their only 'weapon' is shoes. You still think the Maginot Line was dumb? At least the French tried to keep out foreign invaders, and at least the Germans had to go around it."

Of course, this sort of blunt analysis has appeared previously in writings by Mexican intellectuals, journalists, and diplomats. For example, years ago Jorge Castaneda, later to be Mexico's Foreign Minister, described illegal immigration from Mexico as a fait accompli that Americans should simply get used to if they didn't want to deal with something worse. Writing in The Atlantic ("Ferocious Differences," July, 1995; may require subscription), Castaneda said:

"Some Americans — undoubtedly more than before — dislike immigration, but there is very little they can do about it, and the consequences of trying to stop immigration would also certainly be more pernicious than any conceivable advantage. The United States should count its blessings: it has dodged instability on its borders since the Mexican Revolution, now nearly a century ago. The warnings from Mexico are loud and clear; this time it might be a good idea to heed them."

But frank recognition by Americans that Mexico is maliciously cuckholding us hasn't been so prominent.

More Moore:

"Heck, the ancient Romans at least had to post armies in conquered lands to force locals to render unto Caesar. By contrast, Americans are taxing themselves to pay for education, health care and other services for a huge portion of Mexico's population — those who have simply walked into our cities, most notably Los Angeles, the 'ground zero' of Mexico's attack. For example:

”Forty-one percent of the children in the Los Angeles School District are 'English Learners,' which basically amounts to a euphemism for 'Mexican children.' The LAUSD's budget, by the way, is $6.2 billion per year.

”In 2003, Los Angeles County estimated that it spent $350 million per year providing health care to illegal aliens. [Related breaking news here.]

”Rather than insisting that Mexicans in this country learn English, or even pay for their own interpreters, Los Angeles County uses taxpayers' money to pay hundreds of interpreters for court proceedings. The interpreters are now on strike because the County 'only' offered them $73,000 a year in salary."

You can hear Moore in what I'll call "pre-campaign" commercials on Terry Anderson's rousing one-hour radio show Sunday nights, 9 p.m. Pacific Time (midnight Eastern Time). Go here to listen via the Internet; at that page, click on "Windows Media" in the upper right corner. We hear from Moore at the start of the show and then at the half-hour.


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