RCP's Sean Trende Says Sailer Strategy Working For Romney
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I've gotten quite interested in Real Clear Politics' Sean Trende, whose book The Lost Majority I'm in the process of reading. It actually raises the possibility that an increased Latino vote might "push other portions of the electorate toward the GOP"—something that you normally never see mentined in MSM Hispanic Hype about how Republicans must truckle before the (minuscule) Hispanic vote.

Trende made a particularly important point in his March 13 article  The Slog to 1,144: So Far, Demographics Trump Momentum:

Romney does well in counties with high levels of Latinos, college-educated voters, and LDS populations....Now remember, we aren’t necessarily saying that Romney is doing all that well with, say, Latino voters, many of whom won’t be voting in a Republican primary. We’re just saying he does well in counties with high Latino populations. The results could indicate that Anglo voters in these counties responded to Romney’s relatively hard-line stance on illegal immigration.

My emphasis. In other words, the Sailer Strategy is working for Romney—although he's done very little to deserve it

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