A Maryland Reader Asks “Is Romney Ready for the Sailer Strategy?”
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From: Paul Mendez Email him

Mitt Romney has spent the last 8 years—and untold millions of his own wealth—seeking the presidency. Unlike the other candidates, he was not anointed by the Liberal Deep Government, nor is he running to promote his consulting business, his social views or his foreign policy views. If he loses, there is likely no third chance or K Street consolation prize awaiting him, just oblivion.

He. Is. In. It. To. Win. It.

Romney has proven he is more than willing to change his positions if that's what it takes. You want Pro-Life? That's me! No amnesty? You got it! He has also been ruthless when it comes to letting his surrogates go nuclear on his opponents when necessary.

Should Romney get the GOP nomination (75.3% probability according to InTrade.com) he will have only two issues on which to run against Obama: the economy and race. If the world economy slides into recession, then Romney is sitting pretty. But if the job and stock markets continue to improve, then Romney is left with race. Will he gracefully accept defeat like McCain rather than risk the disdain of the chattering classes, or will he dare to portray Obama as the head of a Minority Occupation Government actively seeking to dispossess and disenfranchise America's traditional white majority?

In my opinion, Romney is already blowing the dog whistle when he sings "God Bless America," and says he's not worried about the poor. The liberal media may laugh, but who can imagine Obama singing patriotic songs? And when working class whites think of "the poor" they don't see themselves, they see minority welfare recipients.

Romney may be part of the Ruling Class Elite, but so is Obama. Romney can win if he is brave enough to ask the question as, "whose Ruling Class Elite do you want in the White House—yours or theirs?"

Paul Mendez is active in Help Save Maryland, an organization dedicating to exposing illegal alien corruption in his state. His previous letters are here.

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