Ray Of Sunshine From the Great White North: "No More Low-Wage Immigration, U.K., Canada, Tell CEOs"
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The Canucks, eh, have decided that Canadian jobs should go to Canadians and that it should not be government policy to drive down wages for unskilled Canadian workers.  Just say no to the Slave Power.  (h/t Blazing Cat Fur)

The Daily Caller December 16, 2013 by Neil Munro

No More Low-Wage Immigration, U.K., Canada, Tell CEOs

Public opposition to high immigration in the United Kingdom has forced the establishment Conservative Party to propose cutting annual work-related immigration down to 75,000.

The country’s opposition to the immigrant inflow is so heated that a government minister has even urged employers to attract needed British workers by offering higher salaries, and to give up relying on low-skill, low-wage workers from Poland or Pakistan.

The minister’s jarring comments came after the CEO of Domino’s Pizza in the U.K. said last week that the country should import more low-wage immigrants to prepare and deliver pizzas.

And the solution to a labor shortage: The most important of all motivators.

Canada’s conservative government is also cracking down in the use of imported low-skill labor.

“The single most powerful tool employers have to address labour skill shortages is raising wage levels,” Jason Kenney, the employment minister in Canada’s conservative government, told business leaders in mid-November.

The country’s guest-worker program “must not, cannot be a first option” he told the business leaders, as he urged them to increase training of their workers. “It must only and always be a last option for employers.”

Perhaps that should be tried here.  Let the market decide.  Perhaps ending 99 months of unemployment insurance payments will force some slackers back into the labor force.

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