Rand Paul: Not Just Evil, But Stupid As Well
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Rand Paul strides like Colossus astride the Beltway, now all things to all men...ehr Parties. He has adopted the Obama Regime's push for amnesty for the 20 million or so illegal aliens in the United States. He is the essence of what described as what happens when the Evil Party and the Stupid Party do something bipartisan, something both stupid and evil. And Rand Paul delivers in spades.
Take this gem:
WSJ March 19, 2013

Text of Rand Paul's Immigration Speech

The first part of my plan – border security – must be certified by Border Patrol and an Investigator General and then voted on by Congress to ensure it has been accomplished.

WTF?! Just what is an Investigator General? Has anyone heard of this? No one should have. There is no such thing. However there is as mandated by the Inspector General Act of 1973, as amended, and the Homeland Security Act of 2002, as amended, an Inspector General, who heads the Office of Inspector General, in the Department of Homeland Security.

Well, not quite. There is no Inspector General at DHS. The post is vacant, as are many other Inspectors General posts that remain mysteriously unfilled by the Obama Regime, often for years at a time. There is only a Deputy Inspector General, interestingly himself an immigrant. Undoubtedly because the Regime does not like the watchdog efforts of Inspectors General. They have fired an Inspector General, Gerald Walpin, who got too close to Regime corruption. They would much rather have a compliant bureaucrat running a formally headless organization, more than willing to pull their punches during politically dangerous investigations, just as DHS OIG has been with years of no Inspector General and an Deputy Inspector General himself under investigation.

HuffPo April 6, 2012 by Andrew Becker

Homeland Security Office Accused of Faking Reports on Internal Investigations

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security's watchdog agency is in turmoil amid allegations that its agents in Texas were told to falsify reports ahead of an office inspection last fall, according to an internal email and interviews.

Thomas M. Frost, the department's chief investigator, and deputy John Ryan were placed on administrative leave March 29, according to the email sent to managers nationwide last week.

Frost and Ryan declined to comment as did Acting Inspector General Charles K. Edwards.

Wayne H. Salzgaber, another deputy, wrote in the email that Ryan, who oversees the inspection operations, and Frost were on leave pending the conclusion of a U.S. Department of Justice and FBI investigation into the matter.

"The Acting [inspector general] decided to take this action in the interest of continuing our operations during the investigation with the least amount of disruption to our mission," he wrote. "I am confident that this situation will be short lived and that DOJ will quickly resolve this matter..."

A federal grand jury in Washington has been convened to hear testimony over whether agents in a McAllen, Texas, field office fabricated "investigative activity" to show progress on misconduct cases involving homeland security employees, officials familiar with the probe told the Center for Investigative Reporting.


Even worse, Edwards himself has been called before the Grand Jury over this an other issues related to nepotism and misuse of government resources.

Of course, he has not been fired, unlike Walpin, whom the Regime needed removed because he got too close to a top Obama supporter. Edwards is just the type the Regime wants around. He has rumors of skeletons in his closet and is consequently open to pressure. Such as pressure to declare the border secure. Just as a famous Mexican Border Patrol head would have declared the border secure if asked.

But back to Rand Paul, poster boy for bipartisanship. One cries for our beloved country with leadership so dumb they can't even get things so simple as Inspector General correct. What is the implication for more complicated issues than the correct title of a senior government position just underneath a cabinet officer? Nothing good I fear. Stupid and Evil, will that be America's epitaph? Most likely if the Paulbots keep telling us to Stand With Rand.

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