Rampant Racism at UCLA Law? I Predict Not
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Over at the ever-juicy Above the Law, writer Elie Mystal seems convinced that robed Klansmen are galloping through the halls of this well-ranked (15th in the nation) California law school.[Racism Abounds At UCLA School of Law,By Elie Mystal, February 24, 2014]
What started it all, it seems, was the decision of Professor Richard Sander's property students to name their softball team after him, complete with T-shirts featuring his picture.
Sander is "controversial" because he's written that affirmative action for non-white law students doesn't actually help them—and may in fact hurt them.
The Painful Truth About Affirmative Action
Why racial preferences in college admissions hurt minority students — and shroud the education system in dishonesty.
Richard Sander and Stuart Taylor Jr., Atlantic,  October 2, 2012
Never mind how that makes him "racist", but this has somehow morphed into a campus-wide frenzy over "racism", with black student association posters being ripped down, a black woman being accosted in the elevator, and an accusation that a (presumably black) student received a note saying "stop being a sensitive n******".
A few things before we call in the feds.  First, it does not seem to have ever been shown that "Team Sander" was motivated by "racism", so the very foundation for the hysteria looks pretty weak.  Second, we don't have proof that any of these racially hostile acts are genuine—the note with the n-word, in particular, sure smells like many of the well-known race hoaxes out there.
I could be wrong.  But my record of predictions in these matters is pretty good. 
Naturally, of course, what this will all culminate in—proof of "racism" or no—is a step-up in "diversity" efforts, which Chancellor Gene Block is promising, despite Proposition 209, the California law banning affirmative action in public schools.
If Richard Sander really wants to get in trouble, he should write about how whites are hurt by affirmative action.
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