National Park Service's New "Dawn": Propagandizing Pseudo-Science and "Civil Rights," Pandering to Blacks and Hispanics, and Deliberately Alienating Whites
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Two million Americans per year visit Gettysburg National Military Park in Pennsylvania, where the bloodiest battle of the Civil War was fought in 1863, in order to learn about the “Civil Rights” movement, right? And the most important scientific knowledge for the park rangers responsible for California’s Sequoia National Park is “climate change,” right?

The National Park Service has a new director, Jon Jarvis, a new direction and, as breathlessly regurgitated by L.A. Times “reporter,” Julie Cart, new talking points. It is being Obamatized.

Millions of overwhelmingly white Americans visit our national parks every year, two million at Gettysburg alone, where in America’s bloodiest conflict, Union and Confederate forces suffered a combined 48,000-51,000 casualties. They visit to “get away from it all”, to get in touch with the real America, down to her rocks and soil, and to hear mystic chords of memory.

“It” is non-stop urbanization and sprawl, due to our elites’ illegal, nation-killing open borders policy. “It” is black and Hispanic racism, crime, and violence. “It” is the obscene blaring of rap, and the sound of Spanish—and bad Spanish, at that. “It” is diversity training 24/7, at work and even while watching TV at home.

Jon Jarvis sees his mission as bringing “it” to our nation’s parks, which are almost entirely paid for by her white citizens, implanting “it” there, and cutting those chords. He is doing everything possible to pander to hostile blacks and Hispanics, even in Spanish, and to make white Americans’ visits as unpleasant as possible. His park rangers promote the pseudo-science of “climate change” (PDF; formerly known as “global warming”), and at Gettysburg, rant about not only slavery, but the so-called civil rights movement, which would only arise 90 years after the battle was fought.

The Park Service has shut down its Gettysburg Web page—for ideological redesign, perchance?—but its cache can momentarily still be viewed here.

“‘I'm not the least bit afraid of controversy in the work that we do,’ Jarvis said. ‘We're pretty good at this. It's our job to tell the story and without embellishment [!], to tell it as truthfully as possible [!]. Based on the historical side, scholarly work; and on the natural side, scientific work. That's going to be the basis for our interpretation and we shouldn't shy away from it.



One change Jarvis says he'll institute is to put park rangers back in classrooms. When Gale Norton was Interior secretary, she stopped that long tradition, saying it represented “mission creep.”
Rangers’ storytelling — called “interpretation” in the park service — will also shift. Jarvis said that rangers at Civil War battlefields now spend less time telling visitors where the Confederate and Union armies lined up for Pickett's charge and more time discussing slavery and civil rights. Those issues are more relevant to today's society, he said. [NS—which society is he talking about; the one that exists, or the one he’s trying to replace it with?]
The role of the parks, Jarvis said, is to continue to tell the American story. He said that a group of military lawyers recently toured historic Japanese internment camps, to try to get a look at ‘how the current internment of American citizens will appear in history,’ he said.” [By “current internment of American citizens,” who is he talking about? Terrorists? Illegal aliens? Black felons?]

[New park service chief sees 'convergence' by Julie Cart, Los Angeles Times, October 5, 2009.]

Why in heck would a family go to the expense and trouble to spend their vacation driving to and from Gettysburg, if the rangers refuse to talk about Gettysburg? How is Gettysburg irrelevant to Gettysburg? And why should the predominantly white taxpayers support a racist, anti-American National Park Service?

To paraphrase Nathan Glazer, the Park Service has gone from doing what government does well—protecting and maintaining our natural, national treasures and history—to turning into two-bit demagogues and pseudo-scientists, while surrendering our parks to Mexican narcoterrorists, who have turned huge swathes of them into illegal marijuana farms that are ecological disaster zones ruled by heavily armed, illegal alien gang-bangers.

But Julie Cart’s only mention of arms was regarding Jarvis’ concern over American citizens legally bearing loaded arms in the parks, as per a new law. She and Jarvis showed similar concern over the “problem” of Evangelical Christians having non-Darwinian interpretations of the age of the Grand Canyon. Now, those are clearly dangerous people!

To comment to Julie Cart: [email protected]

To comment to the National Park Service’s Washington, D.C. national headquarters:

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To comment to the NPS’ Northeast Regional Office, responsible for Gettysburg National Military Park:

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