Radio Derb Transcript Up: SOTU, Trump's Legal Immigration Problem, Asymmetrical Multiculturalism, And Jeff Bezos, Etc.
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The Radio Derb transcript is up for Friday. Go here to read or listen.


02m09s  SOTU brings forth a hero.  (Light in the darkness.)

07m54s  Trump to U.S. citizens: Drop dead.  (The Swamp has taken over.)

13m16s  Democrats promise lemonade oceans.  (The ancient dream.)

18m30s  Two cheers for Norman Thomas.  (Bismarck and TR, too.)

22m40s  Asymmetrical Multiculturalism.  (Why do we put up with it?)

30m32s  Bezos exposing Pecker exposing Bezos exposing.  (Famous for his packages.)

31m53s  New emojis!  (And sound advice from Hemingway.)

33m59s  Increase your word power.  (Never too late.)

35m53s  Udmurtia greets Year of the Pig.  (With a pig-out.)

38m02s  Albert Finney, RIP.  (I just got through praising him.)

39m35s  Sign-out.  (That old watch chain.)

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