Radio Derb Transcript Up—Paul Ryan Had NEVER HEARD Of The Disney Layoffs
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Last week's Radio Derb transcript is up—sample:
In an interview with Fox Business News on Monday, Republican Speaker of the House Paul Ryan was asked about immigration, legal immigration.
[Clip:   Fox:  One of the biggest issues this election cycle has been immigration; and we know that every year the U.S. issues one million green cards to immigrants. And yet polls show, they continue to show, that voters think that's too many; that immigrants are taking American jobs at a time that this economy is not producing enough jobs. Would you support legislation to cap the number of immigrants, and green cards issued?

Ryan:  Well, I've always believed that, look, we're not going to put immigration reform, other than securing the border, in our national security agenda. We think a key component of national security is actually securing the border, and so that will be a component of that. But what you're asking is something different than that … We're not going to be dealing with those things in our agenda …

Fox:  Would you propose legislation that lowers the number of green cards issued?

Ryan:  … We're not going to be talking about visa caps in our agenda and promising what we're going to do if we have a Republican President; we're going to be talking about how to grow the economy, get people from welfare to work, and secure the border, secure this country.]

I cut out a lot of blather there, and some to-and-fro with the interviewer. She persisted in asking him about the million — actually it's slightly more than a million — green cards issued every year; Ryan kept saying we have to tackle unemployment; the lady countered with, well, wouldn't cutting down on green cards help? Ryan replied that, by golly, we're going to secure that border. [Laughter.]

Pathetic and depressing. Then on Wednesday the Ryan bot gave another interview, this time to Laura Ingraham, in which Laura asked him about the Disney company laying off workers so it could bring in cheaper replacements from India, and making the about-to-be-laid-off workers train their replacements or forfeit their severance packages.

Ryan, this champion of the American worker, plainly had no clue what Laura was talking about. The only part of his answer that wasn't boilerplate about tackling unemployment and securing the border was this, quote:

Let's have tax reform that doesn't reward companies for moving overseas, but that keeps companies here in America.
End quote. Clearly he thought Laura was talking about Disney moving operations offshore.

No, sorry, Mr Speaker: Disney is not moving operations offshore. Disney is moving workers off-premises, onto the unemployment lines your lying mouth claims to be so concerned about; then moving cheaper foreign workers on-shore to do their jobs.

This worthless, ignorant, … what? — I'm running out of terms of abuse here. What's that word Michelle Malkin uses? Right: crapweasel. I admit I've never been too clear about how, precisely, a crapweasel differs from a common-or-garden weasel, but I like the sound of it. Crapweasel! That's you, Speaker Ryan.

At the next banquet you throw for your donors, I hope the ghost of Eric Cantor's political career shows up to haunt you.

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