Radio Derb Transcript Up For September 6: Brexit, Broad, Narrow, And Deep, People Smugglers, And Injustice To Daniel Holtzclaw, Etc.
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The Radio Derb transcript is up for September 6. Go here to read or listen:


01m59s  Brexit: the broad context. (Communitarianism and cosmopolitanism.)

07m46s  Brexit: this week's crisis.  (Boris's failures, and his options.)

12m47s  Brexit: deep underlying issues.  (Who are the true conservatives?)

17m22s  The kaleidoscope is being shaken.  (A debate about really momentous issues.)

24m21s  Leanin' on Lenín.  (People smugglers all over Latin America.)

30m20s  Unbalanced justice, cont.  (The Daniel Holtzclaw case.)

33m09s  Cheering Trump on trade with China.  (We invent new drugs; China manufactures them.)

35m32s  Ann Corcoran back in business.  (Exposing the refugee rackets.)

36m50s  Signoff.  (With a hortatory song.)

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