Radio Derb Transcript Up For September 25: RBG RIP, Are Whites Below The Law?, The New Justice, And The Corruption Of American Science, Etc.
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The Radio Derb transcript is up for September 25. Go here to read or listen.


02m26s  RBG RIP.  (To change the law, run for Congress.)

08m15s  The new justice.  (A seventh Catholic on the Court?)

13m58s  A riot and a robbery.  (A suicide and a pink slip.)

19m22s  Below the law.  (Who? Whom?)

25m49s  The corruption of American science.  (Ideology takes over.)

33m26s  An erratum.  (But why is dual citizenship legal?)

34m40s  Princeton confesses to racism.  (A toast to Betsy DeVos.)

37m23s  DoJ confronts "anarchist jurisdictions."  (No more federal funds!)

38m28s  NY cop is a ChiCom mole.  (Watching Tibetans.)

41m23s  The decline of SOAS, cont.  (No more Hittite.)

44m39s  New York takes a stand for civilized values. (No. 2 is a subway line.)

45m41s  Signoff.  (With something soothing.) 

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