Radio Derb Transcript Up For October 23: Trump Drops The Ball, Fourth Industrial Revolution, SF's CAREN Law, And Defund NPR! Etc.
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The Radio Derb transcript is up for October 23. Go here to read or listen.


03m12s  Trump drops the ball.  (Uphill battle; poor mountaineering skills.)

11m03s  The Fourth Industrial Revolution.  (Launched by Covid-19.)

19m03s  Decline of the World Series.  (Fans just don't care anymore.)

25m22s  A small break for Derek Chauvin.  (One charge dropped.)

27m11s  Defund NPR!  (Your taxes at work … for Joe Biden.)

28m51s  San Francisco's CAREN law.  (The intensifying war against whites.)

31m03s  A suggestion for antiracism's theologians.  (Was Abe Lincoln a virtuous pagan?)

33m17s  And one for the Brits.  (Bring back the hulks!)

36m10s  Masked figures raid California bank.  (The way we live now.)

37m11s  Toobin's Zoom flash.  (Taking matters in hand.)

38m32s  Finland's PM shows her charms.  (Causing a cleavage among commentators.)

41m21s  Seasonal news.  (Pitching a pumpkin at partner.)

42m11s  Signoff.  (With an old concert song.)

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