Radio Derb Transcript Up For October 22: Intelligence Incompetence, Buttigieg Plays Hooky, The Arbery Show Trial, And Somalis Strike Again, Etc.
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The Radio Derb transcript is up for October 22, 2021. Go here to read or listen.

01m18s  Intelligence incompetence.  (Keeping us safe? Ha!)

07m54s  Missile basics.  (Legacies of WW2.)

13m33s  Defund the spooks!  (Their enemy is … us.)

17m21s  Buttigieg plays hooky.  (Does it matter?)

25m30s  Ronald Reagan showed the way.  (Fire all the fed-bots!)

29m40s  The Arbery show trial.  (Our cruelty worse than the Aztecs.)

37m59s  Somalis strike again.  (Why don't they listen?)

41m25s  Record low UK birthrate.  (Death of a nation.)

42m55s  The new Dune movie.  (Don't ask me.)

44m04s  Pennsylvania shuns NSBA.  (As I advised…)

45m32s  Steve my bro.  (COVID is boring.)

47m22s  Signoff.  (With Gracie.)

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