Radio Derb Transcript Up For Oct. 29: Government By The Mentally Ill In America And China, Plus Population, "Climate Change," Elections, Etc.
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The Radio Derb transcript is up for October 29, 2021. Go here to read or listen.

01m04s  Government by the mentally ill.  (The babble of lunatics.)

06m38s  Who has the better authoritarianism?  (Us or the ChiComs?)

12m14s  China, diversity, and sex.  (Women in space, women in power.)

18m03s  Population policy.  (Maybe we should have one.)

22m22s  Elections!  (New York City, New Jersey, Virginia.)

29m08s  The climate-change circus.  (A fashionable cause for airheads.)

32m24s  More states leave NSBA.  (The power of Radio Derb!)

33m39s  The Pope ♥ open borders.  (Stick around, Frank.)

35m09s  Rutgers' shame.  (A hippo speaks.)

38m02s  A melancholy anniversary.  (The Gòngfěi got their way.)

40m00s  Signoff.  (With Dominic Behan.)

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