Radio Derb Transcript Up For May 6: Cause For Unease, SCOTUS Leaks, Courageous Conversations, And Outwitting Affirmative Action, Etc.
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The Radio Derb transcript is up for May 6, 2022. Go here to read or listen. It's being released early because it's mostly about breaking news, etc.

01:42  Cause for unease.  (Minding Russia's business.)

09:44  SCOTUS leaks.  (Progressives shriek.)

15:40  Confessions of a failed abortion.  (Who remembers 1973?)

20:26  Abortion, dogma, and common sentiment.  (Let states legislate.)

27:18  Courageous conversations.  (Cults, voodoo, taboos.)

36:27  Victory in the The wars.  (Let's be magnanimous.)

38:28  Metaphysical investigations.  (The phenomenology of flatulence.)

40:51  A real case of disinformation.  (One for the Tsarina.)

43:24  Outwitting affirmative action.  (White like me.)

45:56  Mounties on the Moon.  (The long reach of Canadian law enforcement.)

47:06  Signoff.  (With Jim Croce.)

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