Radio Derb Transcript Up For March 27: Joe Meets The Press, The Press Laps It Up, Jay Leno Cucks, And Harry Gets A Job, Etc.
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The Radio Derb transcript is up for March 27. Go here to read or listen.


01m58s  Joe meets the press.  (Scripted and rehearsed.)

05m38s  Loopholes, lies, and rhetorical blunders.  (Crows, eagles, canaries.)

11m27s  Sins of omission.  (What the ruling class doesn't want to talk about.)

19m49s  The biosecurity state.  (At what price in liberty?)

23m44s  The American fox and the Chinese hedgehog.  (Trump got it.)

30m54s  Lines from the Greek.  (The Ionian outlook.)

31m56s  Conquest's Second Law.  (A new instance.)

34m50s  Harry gets a job.  (Speaking HR-ese.)

37m35s  Another comedy quisling.  (Leno buckles.)

38m49s  The coming 4-day week.  (Thank God it's Thursday.)

40m07s  Signoff.  (With Speedy Gonzalez.)

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