Radio Derb Transcript Up For March 22: Morris Dees And The Goodwhite Philosopher's Stone, Christchurch Reactions, And Arguing With The Limbic System, Etc.
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The latest Radio Derb transcript is up, go here to read or listen:


00m55s  The Goodwhite Philosopher's Stone.  (The genius of Morris Dees.)

05m34s  Christchurch reactions.  (A lunatic's manifesto.)

12m43s  Law of the Excluded Middle.  (Progressives never let an atrocity go to waste.)

19m52s  Thank you, Mr President.  (With low expectations.)

22m53s  Arguing with the limbic system.  (David Frum gets it.)

29m43s  Kill the "The"!  (Duterte heeds Radio Derb.)

33m04s  Brigitte Story (1).  (Bardot's latest hate crime.)

35m27s  Brigitte Story (2).  (Mme. Macron and the homophobe.)

38m07s  Gaia is still angry!  (Better hope Popocatépetl doesn't pop.)

39m39s  Nationalist surge in Holland.  (Could there be Hexit?)

41m32s  Sweden Democrats get some respect.  (No longer outcasts.)

43m02s  Signoff.  (Peak silliness.)

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