Radio Derb Transcript Up For June 12: Revolutionary Spasms, Derb Has A Dream, And The Smack Of Firm Government (Not Likely!) Etc.
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The Radio Derb transcript is up for June 12. Go here to read or listen.

02m32s  Revolutionary spasms.  (With each one, they tighten the vise.)

07m47s  I have a dream.  (Not that different from the original.)

13m50s  The smack of firm government.  (I yearn to hear it.)

22m36s  Crafting a proposal to consider.  (In the Halls of Uselessness.)

29m54s  Ironies great and small.  (One from a different cultural revolution.)

33m54s  London's "Commission for Diversity in the Public Realm."  (As Orwellian as it sounds.)

36m12s  Japan not yet woke.  (They can't get the hang of our racial protocols.)

37m59s  Coronavirus in Britain.  (Marmite-lovers hardest hit.)

39m35s  Signoff.  (With a military trombone.)

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