Radio Derb Transcript Up For January 18: Booting James Watson, Kicking Steve King, And Cheering For Hard Brexit, Etc.
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01m08s  Cold Spring Harbor Weasel Farm.  (Putting the boot in to James Watson.)

09m13s  Congressweasels turn on Steve King.  (It's been a week of weasels.)

19m58s  Derbyshire cheers for hard Brexit.  (The way back to full sovereignty.)

27m44s  Cast down your bucket where you are.  (Trump betrays American workers.)

32m42s  You left your what in San Francisco?  (Rhymes with "app.")

34m18s  Octopus off the menu.  (The most intelligent invertebrate not in the GOP.)

36m31s  Advice for dining in Russia.  (Mind your manners.)

37m43s  Signoff.  (With Peter and Sophia...who is pictured above.)  

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