Radio Derb Transcript Up For February 7: DNC’s Bad Week, China’s Bad Health, and Ireland’s Bad Politics, Etc.
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The Radio Derb transcript is up for February 7. Go here to read or listen.


01m08s  The DNC's really bad week.  (Who can stop the Limousine Leninist?)

08m13s  Stalinesque extravaganza, cont.  (Another SOTU, no-o-o-o...)

15m29s  Discontent stirs in China.  (At home with the Derbs.)

25m07s  The price of stupidity.  (Race denialism might kill us.)

28m55s  The most interesting place in the world.  (Ireland's election.)

35m02s  Honoring our heroes.  (If Rush, why not Pat?)

36m55s  No more Queen's English in the EU.  (They'll be after replacing it.)

38m22s  Keef quits.  (The indestructible Stone.)

38m44s  Signoff.  (With Boris Pasternak.)  

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