Radio Derb Transcript Up For February 2—Why Trump Is Mad At The Australians, Etc.
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The Radio Derb Transcript is up for Feb 3. Go here to read or listen. Sample:

President Trump made it known to the Prime Minister of Australia that he’s mad as hell about the deal Barack Obama cut to relieve the Aussies of a thousand-odd illegal aliens.

The Australians have taken a robust attitude to illegals, warehousing them on some remote islands and swearing they will never get residence in Australia. Conditions in the island camps are lousy, though — as they should be, to encourage the inmates to repatriate themselves. International human-rights busybodies have been making a fuss, and Australia just wants to get rid of the illegals.

“No problem!” said Barack Obama. “We’ll take them! Nation of immigrants! Huddled Masses!” An agreeance was duly agreed on, and the new administration is apparently locked in to it, to President Trump’s disgust.

The Australian Prime Minister, center-right Malcolm Turnbull, probably feels pleased with himself at having pulled a fast one on the stupid Yanks. Getting yelled at by our President is a small price to pay for the political rewards among his own voters, which is all a politician really cares about.

I’m just as annoyed about this as the President is, and I’m glad to hear about his venting on my behalf. Vent away, Mr President; then, have your people come up with some way to keep these illegals in their camps, and stick Malcolm Turnbull’s face in the kangaroo poop.

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