Radio Derb Transcript Up For Feb 26: Third World Jurisprudence, Merrick Mumbles, NATO Fumbles, & Deleting The Muppets, Etc.
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The Radio Derb transcript is up for February 26. Go here to read or listen.


02m04s  Our Third World jurisprudence.  (Merrick Garland's fine with it.)

13m53s  While Merrick mumbles.  (We descend into authoritarian savagery.)

18m02s  It's time to delete the Muppets.  (Cultural Revolution report.)

23m11s  NATO's 30 years without an enemy.  (The essential alliance, says Twitter.)

27m17s  Whither our Afghan policy?  (Decision time approaches.)

34m17s  SPLC redraws the hate map.  (Hating whites is no longer hate.)

36m21s  The berserker spirit.  (Still lives in Iceland.)

39m09s  Resistance to Critical Race Theory.  (In our state legislatures.) 

41m28s  Lonely in Japan.  (But government's on the case.)

42m58s  Franco hated politics.  (Politics hates him back.)

46m52s  Signoff.  (Time to play the music.) 

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