Radio Derb Transcript Up For Feb 24: Alan Colmes, R. I. P.—A Decent Lefty, Etc.
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The Radio Derb transcript is up, go here to read or listen. Sample:

Alan Colmes, RIP. Liberal commentator and radio host Alan Colmes died on Thursday. He was 66 years old and afflicted with a particularly lethal type of lymphoma.

I was an occasional guest on Alan's radio show, and knew him quite well. After an appearance in September 2015 I recorded some thoughts about it, and about Alan — who was then, so far as anyone knew, perfectly healthy — in my monthly diary.

I started out that diary entry by telling the reader what a lousy radio performer I am, mainly because I don't think fast enough. I'm a writer, not a talker. Then I wrote the following, longish quote from September 2015, quote.

So why do I do it? Well, there's vanity, of course. I like having that Fox News limo pull up outside the house to take me to Manhattan. It impresses the neighbors.

Mostly, though, it's that I like Alan. Sure, he's a Lefty, but one of the better sort. You could see this in his August 31st interview with Jared Taylor — see both the closed-minded Lefty ideologue Alan and the fundamentally decent Alan.

In the Reconstruction phase following the end of the Cold Civil War, when Goodwhites at last have the total power they crave and we Badwhite advocates are being hustled off to the labor camps, Alan will be one of the small number of goodwhites saying, "Hey, wait a minute …" He'll probably end up breaking rocks in the Aleutian Islands with us badwhite zeks.

To some degree, in fact, this has already happened. Alan's show is a sort of Aleutian Island of talk radio. Fox does little to publicize it and I assume — just from the fact of its being on Fox — that none of the big Lefty networks wants it. The "Free for All" guests are low-rank bloggers and freelance writers. The callers are mostly lunatics. I've heard Alan himself say: "I can't believe I do this for a living."

As George Orwell saw so clearly, it's not just heterodox ideas that the Left hates, it's human decency: the decency, for example, that believes even heterodox ideas deserve a hearing.

I doubt that anyone much on the Left likes Alan Colmes.

End longish quote. I can't think of anything I want to add to or subtract from that; so I'll just let it stand as my parting tribute to a good man — a decent lefty.
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