Radio Derb Transcript Up For December 9: Demography, Destiny, A TikTok Teacher, Guerilla Archeologists, Haiti's Misery, And The LAST Man On The Moon, Etc.
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The Radio Derb Transcript is up for December 9, 2022—go here to read or listen.

03:52  Demography, destiny.  (We’ve reached one-third of a billion…)

11:24  Demography, bogosity.  (… or have we?)

20:47  Boycott Russian culture?  (You can have my Pushkin when…)

25:17  A lesson from a teacher.  (And where she learned it.)

27:41  Guerilla archeologists.  (People, not pots.)

34:43  Haiti’s misery.  (All the white man’s fault.)

38:01  The disappearing Y-chromosome.  (You won’t miss it.)

40:41  Last man on the Moon.  (Apollo 17 plus fifty.)

43:33  Those dueling banjos.  (The film-maker's art.)

45:45  How to raise human fertility?  (No-one knows.)

47:47  The Navy can't find recruits.  (Not a promising career.)

50:08  Signoff.  (Mongolia-adjacent.)

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