It's Bad Enough That Health and Human Services Is Helping Out Illegal Aliens, But Why Are They Helping Out Illegal Alien Sex Traffickers?
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Project Veritas has a video of a Health and Human Services whistleblower detailing how that government agency turns over illegal alien minor children (“unattended minors”) to sex traffickers.

You can watch Lara Logan discuss it with Emerald Robinson below.

I can remember some ICE Special Agents shaking their heads as they related to me how they were trying to bust one sex trafficker. The underage prostitutes were transported from New York city out to farms. Apparently, some of the johns (Juans?) were upset that the girls were so young. So, not every Mexican is a pedophile, just to be clear.

In his book The Dying Citizen Victor Davis Hanson talks of how unelected bureaucrats have become more and more powerful. Why are we giving so much money to Health and Human Services to spend helping out illegal aliens?

Why are we giving so much money to HHS to spend helping out illegal alien sex traffickers? To be a US citizen is to assume more and more of a tax burden for non-citizens.

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