Radio Derb Transcript Up For August 3: Italy Leads The Way, Spain Doesn't, And Ice People Object To Immigration, Etc.
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The Radio Derb transcript is up for August 3, go here to read or listen.


01m39s  Italy leads the way.  (Salvini gets it right.)

06m07s  Insane in Spain.  (But hope is never vain.)

11m55s  Small election in Africa, not many dead.  (And Cyril promises ... again.)

17m20s  Ice People against illegals.  (Arctic Alliance swings into action!)

23m48s  The crisis of self-awareness.  (There's a shortage among the elites.)

29m11s  Fields Medals announced.  (The r-word?  Really?)

31m05s  Sweden's very own Rosa Parks.  (But a plane, not a bus.)

33m26s  Charlottesville one year on.  (Southern efficiency on display.)

35m10s  Signoff.  (Don't lose your hat.)

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