Radio Derb Transcript Up For August 25: Republicans Debate, What's The Matter With Georgia?, States Push Back, And NATIONAL REVIEW Goes Monthly, Etc.
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 The Radio Derb transcript is up for August 25, 2023. Go here to read or listen.

01:01  Republicans debate. (Even Christie talks strong on immigration.)

06:48   Where Trump failed. (Laws not passed, Swamp not drained.)

12:58  Staffing a Trump cabinet. (Good luck with that.)

20:16  What’s the matter with Georgia? (Trump may join the Brunswick Three.)

25:50  States push back(against administrative lawlessness.)

27:35  National Review goes monthly. (Particular decline, or general?)

30:59  Anti-whiteness in the U.K. #1. (Women’s soccer team too white.)

34:02  Anti-whiteness in the U.K. #2. (London’s mayor lets slip.)

36:04  A new pronoun problem. (Learning from the South.)

37:36  Signoff. (With Perry Como.)

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