Radio Derb Transcript, October 19: Asians At Harvard, Antifa In New York, And A Caravan At The Border, Etc.
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The Radio Derb transcript is up for October 19—go here to read or listen.


01m54s  Harvard in the dock.  (Race preferences or meritocracy?)

10m29s  Street-fighting men.  (Antifa action generates reaction.)

15m32s  Mutiny in the ranks.  (Britain's soldiers get restive.)

21m24s  A new thoughtcrime: quoting Churchill.  (He was proud of his own race—eeek!)

30m57s  Ann Coulter for the U.N.!  (It would add to the gaiety of nations.)

32m26s  The caravan moves on.  (Making Trump's failure apparent.)

34m41s  Keeping Saudi Arabia stable.  (Our son of a bitch.)

36m18s  Signoff.  (With an earworm.)  

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