Radio Derb Transcript Is Up For June 2: The Obamas' New House, Etc.
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The Radio Derb  transcript is up for June 2nd—go here to read or listen.Sample

Barack Obama and his wife have bought their house on Washington, D.C. They had been renting it, now they've bought it. Nine bedrooms; eight and a half bathrooms; $8.1 million.

Don't the Obamas already own a house in Chicago? Yes they do: seven bathrooms, unknown number of bedrooms, very tony neighborhood, last listed on Zillow as worth three million dollars. But hey, you can never have too many houses.

These are the rewards of what our masters are pleased to call "public service." [Laughter.] Within my own lifetime politicians used to leave office broke, or at best poorer than when they came in. I hate this.

We should at least stop paying the buggers a pension. Repeal the Former Presidents Act!


01m16s — Global-scale virtue signalling. (Leaving the Paris agreement.)

12m19s — Derbyshire's Universal Law of Machines. (Use 'em or lose 'em.)

19m23s — Technological civilization is a one-way street. (If we lose it we'll never get it back.)

24m01s — The U.K. election: no longer a foregone conclusion. (Walter Ulbricht may win.)

32m36s — History is an unholy mess. (The British go to war with the English.)

42m03s — It was fifty years ago today. (Before victimological whining.)

44m20s — The Obamas buy a house. (Repeal the Former Presidents Act!)

45m34s — Preferring animals to people. (Let's see 'em take on the poachers.)

48m26s — Signoff. (The real Jerusalem.)

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