Radio Derb Transcript For September 28 Up: Kavanaugh Hearings, Trump At The UN, And "Do Women Have Penises?", Etc.
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The Radio Derb  transcript for September 28 is up—go here to read or listen.


00m00s  Kavanaugh hearings: summary.  (Violet Elizabeth Bott showed up.)

05m01s  Kavanaugh hearings: the opportunity cost.  (Big important issues unaddressed.)

13m44s  Mid-terms: closing the enthusiasm gap.  (Hutus have something to cheer.)

21m59s  A boost for Trumpism.  (The only game in town.)

29m15s  Pearls before swine at Turtle Bay.  (Trump at the U.N.)

35m09s  The world's busiest airlanes.  (You'd never guess.)

37m13s  Not my Dad's Labour Party.  (The neckbeards have taken over.)

39m35s  Do women have penises?  (Don't ask!)

42m34s  Signoff.  (The day the circus left town.)

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