Radio Derb Transcript For October 13 Up—Genius Music, Etc.
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The Radio Derb transcript for October 13 is up—go here to read or listen.


01m03s — Two cheers for Trump’s immigration proposal. (Applause and some quibbles.)

14m53s — Trump proposes, Congress and the judiciary dispose. (Will it see the light of legislation?)

24m24s — Immigration politics: a golden rule. (With supporting examples.)

29m40s — This year’s geniuses. (Parasites, poseurs, and some real talent.)

39m30s — The latest moral panic. (What price showbiz success?)

49m26s — Jerry Brown goes light on AIDS. (While STD rates soar.)

51m38s — The new math. (It’s about social justice.)

53m29s — Belt-tightening in Turkmenistan. (No more free power.)

55m01s — Signoff. (With genius music.)

Here’s some genius music to see us out. I say “genius music” because the composer and performer here is Tyshawn Sorey, recipient of one of this year’s MacArthur “genius grants.” Concerning Mr Sorey’s œuvre, the MacArthur website tells us that he is, quote: “Assimilating and transforming ideas from a broad spectrum of musical idioms and defying distinctions between genres, composition, and improvisation in a singular expression of contemporary music,” end quote. Enjoy!

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