RADIO DERB On The Air! UNC's Illiterate Atheletes; Boehner's Ceaușescu Moment...11+ Items!
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As a podcast on iTunes, listenable/downloadable onscreen at Taki’s Magazine, or as a transcript here.

In one segment of this week’s broadcast I discuss the UNC Chapel Hill scandal:

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill… has a stellar basketball team—they made the University $16.9 million clear profit in 2012.

UNC Chapel Hill also has a reading instructor named Mary Willingham, whose job is to provide remedial reading skills to students who aren’t quite up to college standards in understanding their academic material.  Testing 183 incoming athletes over eight years, Ms. Willingham found that 60 percent read between fourth- and eighth-grade levels, while an additional 8 to 10 percent were functionally illiterate, reading below third grade level.

So what were these students doing in their class time?  See if you can guess.  That's right:  they were doing Black Studies—or as they are called at UNC Chapel Hill, Afro-American Studies.

Bloomberg Businessweek, along with local media and much helped by Ms. Willingham, has been exposing what actually goes on in the Afro-American Studies Department at Chapel Hill.  Nothing honestly academic, is the answer.  Back in December a grand jury indicted Julius Nyang’oro, chairman of the Department for twenty years, for running ghost courses that never actually met, and for awarding bogus grades.

The administration at Chapel Hill is doing its best to cover up the scandal, mainly by assassinating the character of Ms. Willingham… 

The full Radio Derb playbill:

  • A frost in Sochi? (What if they held a Winter Olympics and nobody came?)
  • Russia’s resource curse. (Why there is nothing in your house labeled “Made in Russia.”)
  • Black Studies: a fake-degree mill for athletes. (As if we didn’t know.)
  • Yes, don’t know, and no on global warming. (What I think…)
  • Contra the global warming contrarians. (… and what people want to tell me.)
  • Schools for scandal. (Diversity for us, racial solidarity for them.)
  • Boehner’s Ceau?escu moment. (The dogs don’t like it.)
  • Model Minority gets wacky. (How odd of God to choose the Chuas.)
  • Too many people, not enough water. (Numerators and denominators in California.)
  • Year of the what?  (Auntie Beeb meets Charlie Sheen.)
  • It was fifty years ago today.  (Brit invasion, first wave—pre-Brimelow/Derb.)

It’s all there at Taki’s Magazine.

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