George Soros Assaulted By...An Immigrant!
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George Soros Assaulted By...An Immigrant! readers know George Soros as the financier of many Treason Lobby and immigration enthusiast causes, but he's in the news today for a different reason:

George Soros’ former girlfriend came out swinging at her billionaire ex during a private deposition for her multi-million dollar lawsuit against the octogenarian, newly filed court papers allege.

Adriana Ferreyr, a South American soap actress, clocked Soros in the head, knocked the glasses off his California lawyer Martin Singer, cursed his other prominent lawyer William Zabel and even screamed at her own high powered attorney William Beslow, according to papers filed Friday by Singer.

George Soros’ ex-girlfriend goes berserk during deposition and smacks the 83-year-old billionaire in the head: court papers, by Barbara Ross, New York Daily News, February 7 2014. [Links in original]

She's an immigrant, from Brazil.

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