RADIO DERB ON THE AIR! The Collapse of Trumpism? Our Great Cultural Revolution; A Week of Anniversaries; etc. (11+ ITEMS
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Radio Derb is on the air. Go here to listen, here to download the MP3.


02m16s — The collapse of Trumpism. (Cucked already?)

07m36s — What’s President Trump doing? (Want us to bomb your enemy? Stage some atrocity theater.)

17m23s — What President Trump is not doing. (Students rotting in the classrooms.)

23m27s — Importing corruption. (Why not a moratorium?)

29m35s — Our Great Cultural Revolution. (Exotics game the system.)

41m41s — A week of anniversaries. (To the Finland Station.)

47m43s — Wilson’s war. (A civilizational catastrophe.)

53m51s — The ChiComs come calling. (I sing along.)

56m12s — Five years on. (We’re bigger hypocrites than ever.)

59m43s — Happy birthday, Dame Vera! (Buy her new album.)

1h01m03s — Signoff. (Stay away from that Red Cross Store.)

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