Radio Derb On Racism
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John Derbyshire's Radio Derb podcast (listen here) has an item about the "racism" likely to be in view—in the press at least—at the GOP Convention, if the media gives into the temptation to "present the GOP convention as the race-baiting convention of bigoted racists racistly determined to bring down our first black president because they're racist racist racist, and, you know, racist." Here's a sideber with links added by me, but read,or listen, to  the whole thing.

03 — Racist, shmacist.     Just on a side note here, to get it out of the way: Why is it supposed to be the worst thing in the world for a non-Hispanic white person to be racist, when it's no big deal for anyone else to be? Our leading Hispanic lobbying organization actually calls itself "National Council of The Race," and nobody shuns them. To the contrary, bigfoot political folk like Karl Rove go and grovel at their conventions.

Black racism is a multi-million-dollar business, and as respectable as it could be. The Reverend Jeremiah Wright — sample quote: "White folks' greed runs a world in need" — got wealthy from it, thanks to large contributions from, among many others, Barack and Michelle Obama. He now lives in a large mansion next to a golf course in a tony — and of course heavily white — neighborhood of Chicago.

Louis Farrakhan lives in another large mansion, also in Chicago, and has gotten very rich by preaching that the white race was created by a mad scientist, that it will be destroyed by flying saucers, and that miscegenation is sinful. Al Sharpton, who referred to a building owner in Harlem as a, quote, "white interloper," and who calls whites "crackers," is likewise worth millions, and has his own TV show on MSNBC.

Meanwhile, any non-Hispanic white who commits the most microscopic breach of racial etiquette is chased out of town by a howling mob. It's all very peculiar.

OK, that's a sidebar note. Let's get back to the convention in Tampa.

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