Radio Derb Is On The Air: Why Not Have The MUSLIMS Leave Europe? Etc.
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Radio Derb is on the air. UPDATE: Welcome Ann Coulter readers! Full transcript here, and audio file here.   To get the podcast, follow the instructions at Taki’s Magazine.   The transcript will be archived on my own website Tuesday morning.

In this week’s edition I pass a comment on Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu’s plea to European Jews to seek safety in Israel:

After the Copenhagen killings, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu urged European Jews to move to Israel. Quote from him, at a meeting of his cabinet on the 15th, quote:

"This wave of attacks is expected to continue. Jews deserve security in every country, but we say to our Jewish brothers and sisters, Israel is your home."

OK, Bibi, but here's my question: Why should the Jews quit Europe? If anyone should leave, it should be the Muslims. Three points:
  1. The Jews of Northern Europe are descended from people who settled there in the ninth century. The Muslims of Northern Europe arrived only in the 1950s.
  2. There is only one majority-Jewish nation in the world for Jews to flee to. There are fifty-seven majority-Muslim nations. Muslims who want to relocate to somewhere more hospitable are spoiled for choice.
  3. If the Jews leave Europe, Europe's lost a lot of smart and creative people: scientists, artists, entrepreneurs, professionals. If the Muslims leave, all they've lost is a bunch of cab drivers and gas pump attendants.
So it seems to me that if the Europeans had a sense of fairness and their own interests, they'd be encouraging their Muslims to leave and their Jews to stay.
The full Radio Derb playbill:
  • Is you is or is you ain’t ISIS? (A primer on the theology.)
  • From the shores of Tripoli. (The coming Barbary Wars.)
  • Multiculturalism not working for Jews. (Why should they quit Europe?)
  • Let’s help ISIS! (They have much to offer us.)
  • Muslims are the real victims.  (Time to gather crocodile eggs.)
  • Amnesty on hold. (Take care, Mr. President.)
  • No more KKK Wednesday. (Krispy Kreme Killjoys.)
  • Body swappers against racism. (Any body part you like.)
  • Kapok with Chinese characteristics. (President Eleven* takes up the pen.)
  • Towards co-ed jails. (Let’s be really Progressive).
  • Springtime rivers by moonlight. (Music to munch kapok by.)
It’s all there at Taki’s Magazine.


*President Xi Jinping of China has the nickname “President Eleven” among expats in China.  Xi … eleven … geddit?

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