Radio Derb Is On The Air—Refugees: Let The Ceiling Meet The Floor, Etc
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Radio Derb is on the air—go here to listen, here to download the MP3.


02m16s — Three beautiful pillars of peace. (Trump at the U.N.)

11m17s — Settling for George W. Trump. (And ignoring the bluster.)

15m09s — Refugees: let the ceiling meet the floor. (And empty the racketeers' trough.)

22m01s — Kim tests a d-bomb. (Stuns the commentariat.)

27m51s — Homonationalism. (Germany's latest contribution to politics.)

34m04s — An American original. (Better than another establishment drone.)

41m27s — Illegal aliens attack helpless woman. (Helpless, and clueless.)

42m56s — Birthright citizenship. (Can't we get started?)

43m52s — The Royal Society approves sex denialism. (Everything is equal to everything else.)

47m15s — Signoff. (Down in the arena.)

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