Radio Derb Is On The Air: Celebrating 10 Years With A Blast From The Past
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shutterstock_91705763[1]As a podcast on iTunes, listenable/downloadable onscreen at Taki’s Magazine, or as a transcript here.

This week Radio Derb celebrates our 10th birthday, with passing mentions, I hope not too smug, of some institutions we have outlasted:  Air America, Gwyneth Paltrow’s marriage.

Moving on to actual news, I report on a survey of Harvard seniors:

For a glimpse at the future direction of our country, you may want to check out the next generation of its elites. The Harvard Crimson is there for you with a survey of attitudes, beliefs, and experiences among the class that will graduate this summer.

The biggest skews from the national average are sexual, geographical, and political. Fifteen percent of students say they are homosexual. Estimates for the population at large are disputed, but the consensus among researchers is three or four percent.

The geographical skew is even more marked. This year's Harvard graduate is disproportionately likely to come from one of four places — New York, Washington DC, Massachusetts, or California. And a huge 64 percent of them intended to live in one of these four places.

Politically, no surprise: They are way liberal. Fifty-nine percent describe themselves as liberal or very liberal, compared with 14 percent saying conservative or very conservative.

So, a great new cohort of reinforcements for Cultural Marxism. Boy, this is going to be a long war.

The full Radio Derb playbill:
  • A blast from the past.  (An actual clip from 2004, annotated.)
  • Fruit punch.  (The fruit, that is, of a conscious coupling.)
  • Brits poke a finger in the elite's eye.  (Why don’t we?)
  • Political Euro-quake.  (Victories for nationalism.)
  • First World under siege.  (The slow-swelling flood.)
  • Despair of the social retard.  (“You’ll be sure to take your anti-psychotic meds, Mr. Psychotic, won’t you?”  “Of course, Doc.”)
  • The London derrière.  (Ein arschgeile Wochenende.)
  • A great American self-promoter.  (Milking the rubes.)
  • Tomorrow's elite.  (A long twilight struggle.)
It’s all there at Taki’s Magazine.


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